Technological Expertise

Fuji Batteries operate an award winning “research and development” facility. We are a leading developer of technological improvements in electronics and batteries.

  • Developed Alkaline battery technology in 1968.
  • Durable sealing agent to prevent leakage enables a 7 year shelf life, one of the longest in the industry. Check your battery package for “Best Before Date”.
  • Developed Reverse Current Prevention Design in response to product liability law; unique in the industry.
  • Developed PET Jacket for our batteries to maximize performance and help eliminate leakage opportunities.
  • Currently labeling our “high tech” batteries for several other top leading brand names in the marketplace.

FDK Group, a multi-billion dollar organization founded in 1950 with its award winning research and development facility will continue to ensure consumers that Fuji Alkaline Batteries will be a front runner in research and development.