Social Responsibility

Our activities that directly advance social goals, such as our environmental efforts, have been conducted in a quiet and unassuming way. Changing times, however, demand that we become part of a movement aimed at what can be certainly classified as an unacceptable problem in our society, hunger. That is why Fuji Batteries through our Fuji Food Fund, will make sure our actions are clear and our voice is heard.

Alarming Food-Insecurity Statistics:

  • More than 50 million people live in food-insecure households.
  • More than 17 million children, almost 1 in 4, struggle with hunger.
  • More than 17 million households are food-insecure.
  • 51% of assisted households are families with children.
  • 31% of food banks do not have enough food to meet the needs.

Fuji Batteries, who helps consumers meet their daily energy needs, has created the Fuji Food Fund. Our goal is simple, raise millions of dollars to help organizations in the middle of this fight to end hunger by providing the “greatest energy need of all, food”. The funding for the Fuji Food Fund will occur through the sale of our Eco-Friendly Alkaline Batteries. We will:

  • Call upon all our stakeholders to help support us in our efforts.
  • Develop unique programs aimed at raising awareness of food-insecurity issues.
  • Work with those organizations who would like to use our product for fundraising initiatives geared towards ending hunger.
  • Be a voice for change so that no child goes hungry.

Fuji Batteries will bring the same level of passion we have for our environment to bear on this social challenge of hunger. Being a good corporate citizen is not enough; we will be an active participant and partner for positive change in the world as it relates to ending hunger.

For information on the “Fuji Food Fund” please contact us at: